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The Gór-Stal company is made up of a team of specialists in their fields, involved in work. If you are looking for specific information, please contact our representatives.

termPIR® boards with the Belgian ATG certificate

We are proud to announce that we have received the prestigious ATG certificate for three-layer walls and termPIR ® insulation boards.

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Manufacturer of PIR panels: modern thermal insulation for the home - termPIR®

Welcome to our website. For many years, we have been producing insulation boards for building insulation. We offer a wide selection of wall, roof and floor boards. We specialize in the production of PIR and IZOPROOF boards.

Products appreciated
by customers

Our products are appreciated by a wide range of customers, ranging from investors, through designers, to contractors. We provide customers with insulation boards that are perfect for insulating both industrial halls and buildings, including production and storage facilities, as well as private buildings and rooms in single-family houses. Insulation boards are products distinguished by easy installation, even in the event of difficult weather conditions, low investment costs, as well as their solidity and reliability for many years of use. All these advantages make them one of the best materials for insulating rooms.

Experienced specialists

We are an experienced company that has gained an appropriate reputation for over a dozen years of presence on the market of building materials manufacturers and can define itself as one of the leaders in this industry. When performing orders related to thermal insulation of rooms, we focus on modern and innovative solutions. Accuracy and precision are what counts for us in our daily work.

A team of qualified employees

We employ only qualified employees with many years of experience in working in the production of building materials. Appropriate knowledge combined with the desire for further learning and self-development makes us create a group of real professionals. When making polyurethane insulation, we work according to patterns and standards developed over the years. We are distinguished by timely execution of all orders as well as precision and high quality of workmanship. Each client is treated individually and as a priority. We believe that such an approach will be a guarantee of satisfaction for all those who decide to cooperate with us.We invite you to visit our company's headquarters or specific branches in person. We also encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail.